SnapShot debuts on KPBS

We have been working for months on our new TV series, SnapShot, that debuted last night on KPBS. Our first episode featured Tim photographing and interviewing two San Diego luthiers, Keith "The Blues Wizard" Kifer and Pepe Romero Jr.

Join us over the next 6 weeks as we photograph and visit some of San Diego's most interesting artists, musicians, athletes and craftsmen.

You can view episodes via the Apple TV app or on KPBS on Thursday nights at 8:30.


Kyrie Irving for EA Sports

It was an honor to photograph Kyrie Irving for the new NBA Live 14 cover for EA Sports. The shoot took place in Cleveland, Ohio. This image was part of a series for the new Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms. The other two covers we shot were Leo Messi in Barcelona for FIFA14 and Adrian Peterson in New York for Madden25. 

Lumiere Brothers Center For Photography, Moscow

My show in Russia is coming to a close next week. Thanks so much to the staff at The Lumiere Brothers Center For Photography in Moscow for showing 100 images from Behind Photographs. I would also like to thank the US Embassy for helping to bring me and this project to Russia.

If you are in Moscow and a fan of photography, this place is a must!


Remembering Editta Sherman

Editta Sherman was 98 when I photographed her for my book. She was a smart and kind woman. Editta brought in her 1952 photo of Bela Lugosi that she made of him in her legendary Carnegie Hall studio. On a later trip to New York, I was able to visit Editta at Carnegie Hall during on one of her final days occupying the space.

Here is a photo of the two of us with Editta's portrait of Andy Warhol. I was fortunate enough to aquire an original print of this Warhol image from Editta, an image that is cherished and hangs in my studio.

Editta passed away this month at the age of 101, she will be missed.

Here is a link to here story on NPR.



My First Camera - Foto Hits Magazine, Germany

A few weeks back I was asked to submit an interview and a few photos of my first camera for Foto Hits Magazine in Germany. 

I am pictured here with my Olympus OM-2 that I bought of my buddy, Jeff Renati's Grand Dad, for $50. The other image on the top right shows my first 110mm minus the "Flip Flash". You have to love that camera strap!

The portrait of me is by our studio's own "Boston Zach" Barron shot on our Phase One P45. How times change. 

Shirt pictured: Line Shot from



Several years ago I thought it would be fun to start up a small apparel company that was inspired by photography. Thinking the name "SNAP!" would be cool, I applied for the trademark and as expected found myself in line behind several others that were seeking the mark. Over the course of five years, one by one the others fell out of line, failing to register the mark and eventually the SNAP! became available. 

Here are some samples of our first line of gear, custom designed by some of my favorite artist and friends.


USD Magazine - Still and Video

I am pleased to announce and share some new work for USD Magazine. For this issue, we not only shot ten stories for the print version of the publication, but also filmed and edited three video stories for their online ePub. We greatly appreciate the editorial staff trusting us with both of these amazing visual projects.  A special thanks to Chris Park for the wonderful edit and getting some great water shots for the surf story.