Behind Photographs at The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

It is an honor to have 31 of my original 20x24 Polaroids on display at the MCASD in La Jolla until 1/10/16. This is the first time these original Polaroids have been shown in public.

Behind Photographs is a project that I spent 5 years working on with 4 different 20x24 Cameras. Shoot across the United States, I documented over 150 photographers on this format. Please check out our store to see our book from this project.

Lumiere Brothers Center For Photography, Moscow

My show in Russia is coming to a close next week. Thanks so much to the staff at The Lumiere Brothers Center For Photography in Moscow for showing 100 images from Behind Photographs. I would also like to thank the US Embassy for helping to bring me and this project to Russia.

If you are in Moscow and a fan of photography, this place is a must!



It has been a long year and long wait, but the books finally arrived last week, all 6 pallets of them! We have been busy moving the 4,500 pounds around the studio and getting books signed and shipped for the holidays. If you would like to order a signed book, you can purchase books direct from the studio at:

Behind Photographs - NYC Book Release Party

Tim Mantoani and Douglas Kirkland

I was blown away with the group that showed up at Ogilvy to support the release of Behind Photographs. It was great to reconnect with 29 of the photographers that are in the book and a couple hundred other supporters that braved the rain and wind. Here are a few pics from the party. I should have books in San Diego soon and will be posting info on book events in San Diego, LA and San Francisco. Thanks again to everyone that has supported and encouraged me over the past five years to see this project through to publication.

JIll Enfield, Douglas Kirkland, Barbara Bordnick, Guido Karp, Greg Watermann and Dan Kramer

Roxanne Lowitt and Tim Mantoani look over a wall of images

Keith Green with his portrait

John Iacono and John Dominis

Douglas Kirkland signing books while designer Mark Murphy and Sandro catch up.

Douglas Dubler signed books

Lois Greenfield and Ryszard Horowitz

May Pang and Tim Mantoani

Guido Karp made the trip from Germany!

Thom Mangelsen checking out Al Wertheimer and "The Kiss"

Kickstarting Behind Photographs

I have started an effort on Kickstarter to get some positive pre-sales rolling for my book which is due out soon. Please take a look. Books are priced with shipping at the same cost as retail + shipping, plus there are some other special offerings. This book has taken five years to shoot and get published. Thanks for taking a look. Click here to give me a "kickstart"!

LeRoy Grannis 1917-2011


LeRoy Grannis is known for taking some of the most iconic surfing images of the 1960s and 70s. I photographed "Granny" at a retirement home in Carlsbad with his picture of Dewey Weber at 22nd Street in Hermosa Beach. This was one of two 20x24 Polaroids we shot. The room had a very low ceiling, so I had to pop out one of the ceiling tiles so the dark slide could come all the way up. Thanks Granny for your inspiration and your images, we will miss you.

20x24 Wisner Camera on Location