Phil Borges - Stirring the Fire

Phil BorgesI first met Phil Borges a few years back when he sat for a portrait for me. I was very familiar with his work and had always found his images to have a quiet power and beauty. We caught up a couple of weeks ago while he was in town for a lecture and show opening at USD for his Stirring the Fire project. Stirring the Fire is a global movement to empower woman and girls through awareness and action. I found myself being very inspired by this project and having a clearer understanding that a photographer with a voice, vision and purpose can help to change the world. My hat is off to Phil for his passion and for using photography to force change. Please take a look at the project site and see how you can help.

Inside Analog Photo

Here is the link to a radio interview with Scott Sheppard on Inside Analog Photo. Scott interviewed me for Rangefinder Magazine's radio show last month and was kind enough to invite me for another show about my "Behind Photographs" project where I am shooting portraits of photographers on 20x24 Polaroid. I will be back in New York shooting again during Photo Plus and will be back with an update. Thanks for reading.

Behind Photographs in New York

I was back in New York working on my personal project, “Behind Photographs.” I have been photographing well known photographers holding one of their favorite or most famous images on a 20" x 24" Polaroid. On my most recent trip back to New York, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Bill Epperidge, Eric Meola, Pete Turner, Carl Fisher, Walter Iooss, Daniel Kramer and Neil Leifer.

My goal is to publish a book and have an exhibit of this work and find this work extremely important, as it celebrates the "living legends" of photography. It is fascinating to me to hear the personal stories behind each of the photographer's photos. It is really an honor to celebrate their accomplishments and create portraits that extend beyond my portfolio of work.

I will be shooting again later in the year in both New York and California and have recently purchased a 20x24 Wisner with a Polaroid system that will enable me to travel and capture more photographers on location.

There is a very limited window of time while Polaroid will continue to have film for this camera, so if you have a special project you are an art director or photo editor and have always wanted to shoot in this format, give me a ring. It is truly a magical medium.