EA SPORTS MADDEN15: Behind the scenes.

I am happy to share some behind the scenes footage and images of my sixth EA Sports, Madden cover shoot. This year, the fan vote came down to Cam Newton and Richard Sherman. We had both uniforms on hand, only finding out on ESPN who the winner was just 30 minutes prior to the shoot.

The total shoot time was about thirty minutes. Richard Sherman was easy to work with and even shook every hand in the building at the end with a "thank you". 

It takes a large crew to pull off these shoots, so thanks to everyone that contributed to making it happen!

SnapShot: Episode 5: Paralympians: Blake Leeper and Rudy Garcia-Tolson

I have been shooting photos for The Challenged Athletes Foundation in San Diego for close to 20 years. Two of my biggest heroes are runner, Blake Leeper, and multi event athlete, Rudy Garcia-Tolson. Rudy was the first athlete I photographed for CAF when he was seven.

Watch, be amazed, be inspired. You can see our other episodes at


Thanks to John Wilkens for the great write up and John Gastaldo for the portrait featured in the SDUT Sunday Edition. Here is a link to the article:


It has been a long year and long wait, but the books finally arrived last week, all 6 pallets of them! We have been busy moving the 4,500 pounds around the studio and getting books signed and shipped for the holidays. If you would like to order a signed book, you can purchase books direct from the studio at:

Behind Photographs - NYC Book Release Party

Tim Mantoani and Douglas Kirkland

I was blown away with the group that showed up at Ogilvy to support the release of Behind Photographs. It was great to reconnect with 29 of the photographers that are in the book and a couple hundred other supporters that braved the rain and wind. Here are a few pics from the party. I should have books in San Diego soon and will be posting info on book events in San Diego, LA and San Francisco. Thanks again to everyone that has supported and encouraged me over the past five years to see this project through to publication.

JIll Enfield, Douglas Kirkland, Barbara Bordnick, Guido Karp, Greg Watermann and Dan Kramer

Roxanne Lowitt and Tim Mantoani look over a wall of images

Keith Green with his portrait

John Iacono and John Dominis

Douglas Kirkland signing books while designer Mark Murphy and Sandro catch up.

Douglas Dubler signed books

Lois Greenfield and Ryszard Horowitz

May Pang and Tim Mantoani

Guido Karp made the trip from Germany!

Thom Mangelsen checking out Al Wertheimer and "The Kiss"

Kickstarting Behind Photographs

I have started an effort on Kickstarter to get some positive pre-sales rolling for my book which is due out soon. Please take a look. Books are priced with shipping at the same cost as retail + shipping, plus there are some other special offerings. This book has taken five years to shoot and get published. Thanks for taking a look. Click here to give me a "kickstart"!

Lou Capozzola - Tribute

Lou and Kevin Durant at an NBA Rookie Shoot

It was very sad news last week to hear of the passing of Lou Capozzola, a great SI shooter and a great guy. I had the pleasure of shooting along side of Lou at several Upper Deck shoots and was always a fan of his amazing eye. Please take a moment to pay tribute and view his gallery on

Lou behind the lens shooting rookie cards for Upper Deck


EA announced today that the cover of NCAA 12 will be determined by vote on Facebook. We were supposed to shoot all four players in Dallas just prior to Super Bowl, but that freak storm that hit the state kept a couple guys from making it out and caused us to pick up an additional day in LA the following week. All four players were great to work with and very enthusiastic about their shot at being on the cover.In addition to portraits of each player, we shot action photos for the game box that will be revealed with the announcement of the winner. I hope to have a behind the scenes video of the shoot up soon.

Impossible Luchador!

I was asked to shoot some new film for the Impossible Project last month for a show "Facing the Impossible", currently up in New York at The Impossible Project Gallery. I tested out the PUSH film on the SX-70 and the PX600 on my Polaroid 680. Both films are very fun and bring some analog soul to the party. Here is a button they made with one of my images. You can get them at

If you haven't checked out what The Impossible Project is doing to keep the spirit of Polaroid alive, please take a look.

Kendry Morales - Sports Illustrated

March 22, 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated

Check out SI this week. I shot the double page spread portrait for the opener of the Kendry Morales story. The compelling words of Ben Reiter discuss Morales, his Cuban roots and his 12 attempts to flee the island in search of a new life in America. A special thanks to Nate Gordon at SI for calling me up for Spring Training!

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