EA SPORTS MADDEN15: Behind the scenes.

I am happy to share some behind the scenes footage and images of my sixth EA Sports, Madden cover shoot. This year, the fan vote came down to Cam Newton and Richard Sherman. We had both uniforms on hand, only finding out on ESPN who the winner was just 30 minutes prior to the shoot.

The total shoot time was about thirty minutes. Richard Sherman was easy to work with and even shook every hand in the building at the end with a "thank you". 

It takes a large crew to pull off these shoots, so thanks to everyone that contributed to making it happen!

Kyrie Irving for EA Sports

It was an honor to photograph Kyrie Irving for the new NBA Live 14 cover for EA Sports. The shoot took place in Cleveland, Ohio. This image was part of a series for the new Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms. The other two covers we shot were Leo Messi in Barcelona for FIFA14 and Adrian Peterson in New York for Madden25. 

Adrian Peterson - Madden 25 Cover for Xbox One and PS4

EA Sports unveiled its new cover for Madden 25 of Adrian Peterson. Barry Sanders won the cover vote this year, taking honors for the covers of Xbox 360 and PS3. 

We shot the cover and campaign photos in NYC a couple months ago and have had to keep the shoot under wraps. I first photographed Adrian for Upper Deck when he was a rookie for one of his trading cards. It is great to see him become such an icon. 




EA NCAA FOOTBALL 14 - Denard Robinson

We are thrilled to once again have been selected to collaborate with EA Sports for the cover for NCAA Football 14. Voted in as the cover athlete by the fans was Denard Robinson from Michigan. We spent the day with Denard at the EA headquarters in Florida for the shoot. Denard is not only a talent on the field, but a class act to work with. 

The Making of NCAA 12 on ESPNU

Keep an eye out for a 4 part series running on ESPNU that shows the making of the NCAA 12 video game. The trailers appear have some footage of our photos shot for EA as well and some imagery from the cover shoots.

Kobe Takes Flight

We had an great shoot a few weeks back for Turkish Airlines photographing Kobe Bryant. I first photographed Kobe back when he was a rookie in 1997 for Directv. We both have a little less hair now!  In addition to the shoot, we handled oversight of the retouching. Here is a peek at the ad in Time Magazine and an ad at LAX that was sent to me by fellow photographer Michael Collopy.

Below is another ad that is popping up in a few of the travel magazines. All images were shot with our new medium format digital back and I have to say these giant files look amazing.

Take a peek at the Behind the Scenes video for the TV spot. You get a quick glimpse of my bald head at :26.


EA announced today that the cover of NCAA 12 will be determined by vote on Facebook. We were supposed to shoot all four players in Dallas just prior to Super Bowl, but that freak storm that hit the state kept a couple guys from making it out and caused us to pick up an additional day in LA the following week. All four players were great to work with and very enthusiastic about their shot at being on the cover.In addition to portraits of each player, we shot action photos for the game box that will be revealed with the announcement of the winner. I hope to have a behind the scenes video of the shoot up soon.