Kyrie Irving for EA Sports

It was an honor to photograph Kyrie Irving for the new NBA Live 14 cover for EA Sports. The shoot took place in Cleveland, Ohio. This image was part of a series for the new Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms. The other two covers we shot were Leo Messi in Barcelona for FIFA14 and Adrian Peterson in New York for Madden25. 

Martin Sheen and Rabbits - USD

I had the privilege of working with Martin Sheen while he was recording a voice-over for a University of San Diego TV spot. I can honestly say he was one of the nicest people I have ever worked with and a true pro. Nice to meet someone you admire and have them exceed your expectations. We also shot the cover of Kevin the rabbit with our Phase One P45 back. Always a pleasure to see great design match up with great printing!


Thanks to John Wilkens for the great write up and John Gastaldo for the portrait featured in the SDUT Sunday Edition. Here is a link to the article:

Sunbounce Workshops in Zingst, Germany

I am just back from the coast of The Baltic Sea in Zingst after teaching three lighting workshops for Sunbounce. If you have not used these lighting tools, they are really amazing, sturdy and reliable. Each night there is a huge inflatable screen on the beach that features photography from that day and exhibits from the festival. My Behind Photographs project was one of the featured festival exhibits. I was so impressed that this seaside town was able to put on such an inspirational event.

One of my workshop images shown at the nightly show.

Students at work with Sunbounce panels and our wonder model Yi

Martin Krolop at work with Broncolor and Sunbounce.

Speedlights triggered with Phottix Strato TTL remotes bounced into a Sunbounce Mini with a zebra fabric

An outdoor exhibit on the beach in Zingst

Tim addresses the crowd at his exhibit opening.

Sunbounce panels at work on the beach.


EA announced today that the cover of NCAA 12 will be determined by vote on Facebook. We were supposed to shoot all four players in Dallas just prior to Super Bowl, but that freak storm that hit the state kept a couple guys from making it out and caused us to pick up an additional day in LA the following week. All four players were great to work with and very enthusiastic about their shot at being on the cover.In addition to portraits of each player, we shot action photos for the game box that will be revealed with the announcement of the winner. I hope to have a behind the scenes video of the shoot up soon.