Adrian Peterson - Madden 25 Cover for Xbox One and PS4

EA Sports unveiled its new cover for Madden 25 of Adrian Peterson. Barry Sanders won the cover vote this year, taking honors for the covers of Xbox 360 and PS3. 

We shot the cover and campaign photos in NYC a couple months ago and have had to keep the shoot under wraps. I first photographed Adrian for Upper Deck when he was a rookie for one of his trading cards. It is great to see him become such an icon. 




Manning Rookie Card

Over the years I have seen my photos for sale, but his one takes the cake! I shot this photo of Peyton in Florida for Upper Deck. The bad news is the guy is asking $50,000 for the card, the good news is that shipping is free!

EA NCAA FOOTBALL 14 - Denard Robinson

We are thrilled to once again have been selected to collaborate with EA Sports for the cover for NCAA Football 14. Voted in as the cover athlete by the fans was Denard Robinson from Michigan. We spent the day with Denard at the EA headquarters in Florida for the shoot. Denard is not only a talent on the field, but a class act to work with. 

NIK price drop - Too good to pass up!

For many of you that follow my work and my blog, you know I am a big fan and user of Nik software. Now that Google and Nik have merged, they are offering a suite of all of their products for just $149.00. This includes Silver Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, Viveza 2, Dfine 2, Sharpener Pro 3 and HDR Efex Pro 2. To check out this offer click here.

EA Sports NCAA FOOTBALL14 - Cover Vote

We had a great assignment in NOLA and Orlando just prior to Super Bowl shooting 8 college football players for this years EA NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote. In the running were Eddie Lacy, Ryan Swope, Denard Robinson, Kenjon Barner, Tyler Eifert, E.J. Manuel, John Simon and Jarvis Jones. When it came down to the final two, it was Ryan Swope and Denard Robinson. Denard would go on to take the cover honors after nearly 5 million Facebook votes. Stay tuned for more on the cover shoot!

Remembering Ken Regan

I only met Ken Regan once, the day I photographed him for Behind Photographs in New York at the 20x24 Polaroid Studio. Ken told me he was very private and rarely allowed others to make portraits of him. He said that he wanted to only show a part of his face and hide behind the cover of his book, All Access. The book and the title could have not been more fitting for a photographer that was the rare shooter that could do it all. Ken covered sports, politics, music, celebrities and shot for a huge range of editorial and advertising clients.In the little time I spent with him, I can tell you that he was kind, genuine and generous to have shared an afternoon and a few of his most important photographs with an unknown photographer from San Diego. Thanks for believing in me Ken, may your images live on forever.


Martin Sheen and Rabbits - USD

I had the privilege of working with Martin Sheen while he was recording a voice-over for a University of San Diego TV spot. I can honestly say he was one of the nicest people I have ever worked with and a true pro. Nice to meet someone you admire and have them exceed your expectations. We also shot the cover of Kevin the rabbit with our Phase One P45 back. Always a pleasure to see great design match up with great printing!

Medium San Diego

I will be giving a talk on Friday, September 7th as part of the inaugural year of Medium San Diego. Medium was started by Scott B. Davis, a very talented photographer, that has put a ton of time and energy into founding this event. Please check out the line up of speakers and events at


Thanks to John Wilkens for the great write up and John Gastaldo for the portrait featured in the SDUT Sunday Edition. Here is a link to the article:

Graham Smith - Portrait on 20x24 Polaroid

When my friend Graham Smith and I discussed the idea of him painting a portrait of me and us shooting a time-lapse of it, I really had no idea what to expect. When he showed up to the studio, he suggested finding something that had already been "Mantoani-onized" to paint on. I ended up pulling out a 20x24 Polaroid portrait of myself and he took the ball and ran with it. Here is the video. Thanks Graham, always an honor collaborating with you.