Martin Sheen and Rabbits - USD

I had the privilege of working with Martin Sheen while he was recording a voice-over for a University of San Diego TV spot. I can honestly say he was one of the nicest people I have ever worked with and a true pro. Nice to meet someone you admire and have them exceed your expectations. We also shot the cover of Kevin the rabbit with our Phase One P45 back. Always a pleasure to see great design match up with great printing!

Medium San Diego

I will be giving a talk on Friday, September 7th as part of the inaugural year of Medium San Diego. Medium was started by Scott B. Davis, a very talented photographer, that has put a ton of time and energy into founding this event. Please check out the line up of speakers and events at

Graham Smith - Portrait on 20x24 Polaroid

When my friend Graham Smith and I discussed the idea of him painting a portrait of me and us shooting a time-lapse of it, I really had no idea what to expect. When he showed up to the studio, he suggested finding something that had already been "Mantoani-onized" to paint on. I ended up pulling out a 20x24 Polaroid portrait of myself and he took the ball and ran with it. Here is the video. Thanks Graham, always an honor collaborating with you.

Sunbounce Workshops in Zingst, Germany

I am just back from the coast of The Baltic Sea in Zingst after teaching three lighting workshops for Sunbounce. If you have not used these lighting tools, they are really amazing, sturdy and reliable. Each night there is a huge inflatable screen on the beach that features photography from that day and exhibits from the festival. My Behind Photographs project was one of the featured festival exhibits. I was so impressed that this seaside town was able to put on such an inspirational event.

One of my workshop images shown at the nightly show.

Students at work with Sunbounce panels and our wonder model Yi

Martin Krolop at work with Broncolor and Sunbounce.

Speedlights triggered with Phottix Strato TTL remotes bounced into a Sunbounce Mini with a zebra fabric

An outdoor exhibit on the beach in Zingst

Tim addresses the crowd at his exhibit opening.

Sunbounce panels at work on the beach.

Andrew Burns - From Model to Photographer

Here is a shot of one of my assistants, Andrew Burns from 1996. I took this photo on a Sinar P2 4x5when I worked for Dean Collins along with Andrew's dad, Gary. Fate would have it that Andrew would become interested in photography and  14 years later start working with us as a photo assistant. Guess if the photo industry continues as it is, he has a portfolio to get back into modeling!

Behind Photographs - NYC Book Release Party

Tim Mantoani and Douglas Kirkland

I was blown away with the group that showed up at Ogilvy to support the release of Behind Photographs. It was great to reconnect with 29 of the photographers that are in the book and a couple hundred other supporters that braved the rain and wind. Here are a few pics from the party. I should have books in San Diego soon and will be posting info on book events in San Diego, LA and San Francisco. Thanks again to everyone that has supported and encouraged me over the past five years to see this project through to publication.

JIll Enfield, Douglas Kirkland, Barbara Bordnick, Guido Karp, Greg Watermann and Dan Kramer

Roxanne Lowitt and Tim Mantoani look over a wall of images

Keith Green with his portrait

John Iacono and John Dominis

Douglas Kirkland signing books while designer Mark Murphy and Sandro catch up.

Douglas Dubler signed books

Lois Greenfield and Ryszard Horowitz

May Pang and Tim Mantoani

Guido Karp made the trip from Germany!

Thom Mangelsen checking out Al Wertheimer and "The Kiss"

Lou Capozzola - Tribute

Lou and Kevin Durant at an NBA Rookie Shoot

It was very sad news last week to hear of the passing of Lou Capozzola, a great SI shooter and a great guy. I had the pleasure of shooting along side of Lou at several Upper Deck shoots and was always a fan of his amazing eye. Please take a moment to pay tribute and view his gallery on

Lou behind the lens shooting rookie cards for Upper Deck

Zdeno Chara Limited Edition Print Auction To Benefit Kevin Young

Last year, I set up a private signing with Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins to autograph 33, 30x30 prints as promotions for my business. I have listed one of these prints on Ebay as a benefit to raise money for one of my freelance assistants who was seriously injured on the 4th of July. You can read about Kevin and his accident here,

Here is the link to the auction:

Any help in getting the word out is appreciated.


Zdeno Chara signing photographs

Sports Shooter Speaker Night - April 22nd & PechaKucha - April 20th

I will be teaching and speaking at The Sports Shooter Academy Lighting Luau on April 22nd. Joining me is Robert Beck, a super talented Sports Illustrated shooter and  inspirational speaker. Please join us at the Crowne Plaza Orange County Airport Hotel from 7:30-10:00 for the evening lecture. Robert and I will each speak for about a hour and half. The daytime workshop is sold out, but there is still room for the evening. Tickets and info at A special thanks to Samy's for supporting this event and to Robert Hanashiro for the invite.

I also will be participating in PechaKucha night, Volume 11, in San Diego on April 20th at the W Hotel. There will be 7 guest speakers, from a wide range of professions, for this unique event hosted by the San Diego Architectural Foundation. PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in 2003 as an event for young designers to meet and show their work. It has spread around the globe and is now thriving in San Diego. The name comes from the sound for "chit chat" and the presentation format is simple: each speaker shows 20 images for 20 seconds each. I will be presenting 20 images from my personal project, Behind Photographs. You can find out more here, This evening is more of a social event with a lecture in the mix!


EA announced today that the cover of NCAA 12 will be determined by vote on Facebook. We were supposed to shoot all four players in Dallas just prior to Super Bowl, but that freak storm that hit the state kept a couple guys from making it out and caused us to pick up an additional day in LA the following week. All four players were great to work with and very enthusiastic about their shot at being on the cover.In addition to portraits of each player, we shot action photos for the game box that will be revealed with the announcement of the winner. I hope to have a behind the scenes video of the shoot up soon.