Throughout my career, I’ve always had personal projects going on the side. Some have grown into more than I could have ever imagined. 

The Behind Photographs project began as a way to celebrate some of my photographic heroes, and became a formal documentation of the world’s most iconic images. Multiple editions of Behind Photographs are available for purchase.

For me photography is as much a lifestyle as a vocation, so I figured “Why not launch a clothing line?” The result is SNAP, a collection of fun, photography themed apparel that features artwork from both vintage graphics, as well as, original designs from some of my favorite artists.

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Behind Photographs

Behind Photographs - Special Edition

Behind Photographs - Regular Edition

Behind Photographs - Limited Edition Book & Slipcase

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SNAP Apparel

SNAP Lineshot Men's Tee

SNAP Bolt Logo Men's Tee

SNAP Living Large Men's Tee

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