In the spring of 2014, Mantoani Studio was granted a unique opportunity to film, edit and produce a six part series for KPBS exploring an eclectic mix of characters and places in and around San Diego.

Setting out with cameras, crew and his easygoing personality, Tim Mantoani turns each photographic expedition into a creative and subcultural adventure.

From the sun-soaked beaches of San Diego to the lucha libre rings in Tijuana to a Civil War reenactment camp in Vista, California and beyond, SnapShot seeks and finds inspiring stories from all walks of life.

Episode 1

Luthiers - Pepe Romero Jr. & Keith Kifer

We bring two guitar makers together from two totally different worlds as we photographs luthiers, Pepe Romero Jr. and “The Blues Wizard”, Keith Kifer.  While Keith is an OB icon, seen playing his handmade suitcase guitars on the streets of San Diego, Pepe is a descendant of guitar royalty making guitars from a small shop behind his grandfather’s home in Del Mar for the likes of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper.  Their processes might be different, but each shares a passion and very special gift for guitar making.

Episode 2

Surfboard Shaper - Jeff McCallum

Photographer Tim Mantoani photographs local surfboard shaper Jeff McCallum. Jeff is an artist, entrepreneur and modern day visionary in his field. Tim investigates the rich history of shaping in San Diego that has been passed down from mentor to student, while documenting Jeff’s process of shaping and glassing a surfboard as it evolves into a rideable work of art.

Episode 3 

Tintype Photography & Civil War Reenactment

Tintype portraits, popular throughout the 1860's and 1870's, have a unique place in photographic history.  The SnapShot team discovers a civil war re-enactment in Vista, the perfect avenue to highlight this special art form and for Tim to try his hand at making these one of a kind images. Tim takes his place amongst the soldiers to help the cannon unit and he meets plenty of colorful characters along the way.  Meet the inspiring people, true history buffs, recreating the past for a new generation of Civil War enthusiasts.

Episode 4

Associated Press Photographer – Lenny Ignelzi

 Lenny Ignelzi has been shooting for The Associated Press as a San Diego based photographer for 40 years. Lenny sits down with the host of SnapShot, Tim Mantoani, and together they pour over pictures from Lenny's historic career.  From covering presidential visits, to historic fires, to shooting nearly every Padres game and Charger game for the last 35 years, Lenny has been witness to some of the San Diego’s most historic moments.  In addition to following Lenny on Padres home game assignment, Tim shoots a portrait of Lenny on his rare and mammoth 20x24 Polaroid Camera for his historic, Behind Photographs project.

Episode 5

Paralympic Athletes – Rudy Garcia-Tolson & Blake Leeper

Through Tim's work with Challenged Athletes Foundation he's met and photographed not just amazing athletes, but truly inspirational people. Tim catches up with his old friend and Paralympic medalist Rudy Garcia-Tolson, a championship swimmer and the first athlete Tim photographed for the foundation. We also meet another Paralympic medalist and the man who hopes to become the first bilateral amputee to compete with able bodied athletes in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Blake Leeper. They will each take us through their own individual journeys: growing up different from the other kids and how sports changed their lives, propelling them onto the world's stage.

Episode 6

Loco For Lucha – Mexican Wrestlers

The SnapShot teams goes on a fieldtrip to Tijuana, Mexico to meet up with Mexican Wrestlers. Luchadores are famous for their colorful costumes and host Tim Mantoani has long been fascinated with photographing these athletes. We will discuss Lucha Libre history in Mexican film and popular culture. We will meet with wrestlers, both Tecnicos (good guys) and Rudos (bad guys) and watch them take each other on in a Friday night match.