Terenzo Bozzone - Triathlete Magazine Cover

I had the chance to get Terenzo in the studio a few months ago for a cover shoot for Triathlete Magazine. We did a wide range of digital portraits to cover the bases. Once the art director was pleased that we "had it in the bag", I asked if we could do a shot with my 20x24 Wisner on Polaroid. We took two frames and they ended up loving it and used it as the cover. Not too much depth-of-field with this camera, even at f-32.

Here is a set shot of me shooting Terenzo and a snap of him holding the Polaroid. To learn a bit more about Terenzon check out his website,

Sole Junkie Book

I've been working on another great book project with designer Michael Long of Transit Creative and Steven Cedre, aka Sole Junkie. Steven is an incredible artist that has been hitting it big with his custom painted kicks. His clients have requested the likes of Steven Tyler, Tito Puente, Roberto Clemente, Superman or even portraits of themselves to be on these wearable works of art. Here are a few snaps from the project. The book is due out in a few weeks. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please email the studio or drop us a line at 619-543-9959. Be sure to check out Steven at After all, Christmas is just around the corner and now you know what to get that person that "already has everything".

Another Hard Sunday for The 49ers!

Got to watch a bit of football this weekend and even catch a little of the 49er game. Hard to believe the Giants kept Frank Gore to 11 yards on 11 touches. Yikes! I got smoked in my fantasy football league by the last place team who managed to shut me down 100 to 113 thanks to some amazing plays put up by Steven Jackson and LenDale White. I think I am now in the basement and like the 49ers hope for better next Sunday.

Remembering Paul Newman

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Paul several times over the past few years, covering his team at Champ Car races, The Indy 500 and following him through Baja when he raced the 1000 back in 2004. He was generous and passionate.  Whether it was watching one of his drivers take the track or himself behind the wheel, he was a competitor at heart and he liked to win. I think it is safe to say, as far as an amazing life, he has taken the checkered flag.

Raider Nation: Keep An Eye Out!

We were hired by the very talented folks at Swirl in San Francisco to work on the current advertising campaign for the Oakland Raiders. The campaign revolves around real season ticket holders with the tag line, "THERE'S A LITTLE RAIDER IN ALL OF US." We shot a wide range of fans including kids, a minister, a fireman, a Stanford doctor, a flight attendant and a teacher, just to name a few. I've heard that the billboards are up in Northern California. Here is a sample of one billboard and the ticket folder with my image of Jamarcus Russell.