Punta Brava - Tiger's New Design

tucker_tearsA few months back, I had the opportunity to drive south to Punta Brava near Ensenada, Mexico. I was shooting for Private Clubs Magazine, covering a member profile on Brian Tucker. Brian and I shared the ride across the border and I learned that he is the founder and principal of Punta Brava, a 300-acre development that will include 120 homes and one of a few, Tiger Wood's - designed golf courses.The property which sits below a steep mountain, is perfectly positioned  just above sea level, and is magical to say the least. Brian worked hard for this, putting his faith and instinct on the line to see his dream come to life. Currently, story poles serve as tee boxes and hole markers, while the rest of the land appears to be untouched by man (with the exception of a small, but rather picturesque lighthouse).

We arrived on site and the fog was thick, covering the rock cliffs, not giving us much of a "picture" of the ocean. After waiting for over two hours, on the site of one of the several, over-the-water tee boxes, we decided it would be best to head back to town for lunch and return in the afternoon. Several hours later, our patience paid off as the fog cleared and a stunning, blue sky and view of the Pacific were there to greet us. I hope I can return when the project is complete, to say this course will be epic is an understatement.

I lit the image with a single strobe &  large Chimera softbox; my Profoto battery packs were the perfect solution for this location set-up. To exaggerate the blue sky and water, the ambient exposure was about 2/3 of a stop under the meter reading for my main, strobe lighting.