Oakley Ads- Europe

These are some images that I shot in Barcelona for Oakley. Barcelona is one of my favorite places to travel, so it was a bonus that we got to shoot the project there. The ads included images of Supermodel, Esther Cañadas, along with snowboard guru Eero Ettala, and MotoGP riders Sete Gibernau and Nicky Hayden. We shot Nicky in California. Here are some of the images of the shoot and how they were used. Always a thrill for a photographer to see their images BIG in public venues.

Bus wrap on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, a Helsinki train station and the streets of Copenhagen.

Ads in Brussels, Paris buses and bus shelters in Amsterdam

Shooting Nicky Hayden in Orange County, California, 4x5 images on lightbox.