Behind Photographs - Farmani Gallery Opening

Behind Photographs show at Farmani Gallery

My 10 days in NY were a blur. A partial show of my photographer portraits opened at Farmani Gallery in Brooklyn. Elizabeth, Hossein and the Lucie Crew did an incredible job of getting the word out, thanks for your efforts and packing the house! The show featured 20x24 Polaroids of the Lucie Lifetime Award winners from my project and a wall of 8x10 images of the other photographers documented to date. I also took the 20x24 Polaroid Camera to Javits for the Photo Plus Expo and managed to shoot another 19 photographers for my Behind Photographs project. Mark Seliger, James Nachtwey, Michael Halsband, Bob Gruen, Joyce Tennison and Art Streiber were just a few who took the time to share their time and images. I will have their portraits up on my site in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone that came out to Dumbo and Javits, your support and enthusiasm is appreciated.

The photograph of the photographer (Henry Grossman), photographing the photographer (Alfred Wertheimer), photographing the photographer (Tim Mantoani) that photographed the photographers.

[Over one hundred 8x10 portraits from the project on display at Farmani Gallery